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Any substance that is used in order to kill, drive away, or control a pest is labeled as a pesticide. Pesticides are released everywhere within our environment for better or for worse. There are many chemicals involved in the makeup of pesticides. One short list of these chemicals include: Aldrin, Atrazine, Chlordane, Chlordecone, DDT, DDE, DDD, Endosulfan, Endrin, Heptachlor, Hexachlorobenzene, Methoxychlor, Methylene Chloride, and Toxaphen. Pesticides are used most noticeably in fields, homes, schools, roads, and forests. These toxins can and do linger in our soil, our water, and our air leaving them polluted and harmed. Pesticides are one of the few toxic and poisonous substances allowed to be released into our environment with the sole purpose of harming and killing livings organisms. These pesticides can be broken down into four general classifications; herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, and insecticides. Herbicides are used against unwanted plants by farmers and pretty much anyone who own a lawn or garden. An example of these unwanted plants would be weeds, which are common everywhere including yards and gardens. Fungicides are used to control plant diseases that could infect and harm crops. They can also be used on wood to prevent it from attracting wood rot. This practice is common amongst construction workers building homes and other structures. Rodenticides are used to control rodents that have the ability to ruin stored food and carry harmful if not deadly diseases. The most common example of this is when a building is sprayed against rats and other rodents. Insecticides are used both on and off of farms to fight insects that cause damage to crops. They can also be used to kill mosquitoes and other germ carrying in...

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...down a slope to another location. Spray drift, however; happens when pesticides being sprayed gets caught in the wing and carried off target. Leaching is when soil that contains traces of pesticide moves through a larger body of water. Last but not least volatilization takes place when a liquid form of pesticides changes phase of matter into a vapor state and is carried through the air to places it should not be. This process is very similar to the process water in a puddle goes through when t is evaporated. The third way pesticides are moved is degradation. This is also known as the breakdown of the chemicals that makeup pesticides. Just like when pesticides are transferred there are multiple ways that pesticides can broken-down. They can breakdown microbialy, which takes place by microorganisms like bacteria breaking down the pesticide. They can also be broken-down

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