Persuasive Speech: The Benefits Of Eated Meat

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Introduction I. (Gain Attention and Interest) Being in college and all, you have to take on adult responsibilities all the time. So, here you are, just enjoying an average day in Madison, and decide that its time to hit up the grocery store. Everything catches your eye while grocery shopping. Aside from the apples, granola bars and wheat thins, you also grab some bacon, hot dogs, and salami. Little do you know, consuming those processed items poses serious risks to your health. II. (Reveal Topic) For as long as we can remember, whether it be from TV. commercials, doctors or parents, we have always been told about the benefits of eating meat. “Because they’re a good source of protein, they assist in muscle building”, they would say. Although processed meat does taste delicious, there has…show more content…
(Preview the body) I’d like to encourage you all to avoid eating processed meat or at least understand why cutting back on the amount that you eat can prevent the potential hazards it can cause. (Signpost) We’ll start by looking at the problems that arise from the production and consumption of processed meat. I. Although steak can be delicious, the rise in processed meat consumption is a serious problem in the United States. A. The meat industry greatly impacts global warming in a negative way. 1. BBC noted processed meat as being modified through “smoking, curing, or adding salt or preservatives (Gallagher). 2. Examples of processed meat includes “bacon, sausages, hot dogs, salami, corned beef, beef jerky…ham…” and so on. (Gallagher). 3. When it comes to which country eats the most meat worldwide, in 2013, Forbes magazine revealed an article displaying the United States as the 2nd largest meat consumer (behind Australian) in the world, with the average person eating 200 lbs. a year (McCarthy).s 4. According to “Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment”, the rise in greenhouse gas emissions is directly correlated to the increase in livestock production

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