Persuasive Speech: Pro Choice Or Pro Life

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Everyone of you hearing this, whether I’m reading it to you or you are reading it yourself need to understand that you need to thank god your mothers wanted you. We are blessed by each person on this Earth, including you. Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Pope John Paul II, even Steve Jobs were almost victims of abortion. Could we imagine a world without the technological advances discovered by Jobs? No matter what your point of view is, whether Pro Choice or Pro Life, the fact alone that your mother did not think you were “inconvienient” or “a financial leech” should be enough to make you Pro Life. Of course it isn’t always this simple, but no matter what, you’re here. Count yourself lucky that you were given the right to life. Now, why is it just that you get to breathe the same air as I, yet millions of abortions are occuring each year? Let me rephrase that. Why is it that you live and say you are Pro Choice when there are milliions of babies, innocent lives killed each year? No matter how many times you say it isn’t viable therefore it doesn’t have a right to life doesn’t change that it is indeed a life. Someone (Pro Choice obviously) brought up to me the point that bacteria is life. Why do we get to use…show more content…
Life begins at conception, to which some may argue that personhood, although, begins when the fetus becomes “viable”, or able to survive outside the womb. No matter what you label this innocent life, it is a life none the less. Are you giving it a label to convince me killing the fetus is not wrong, or are you convincing yourself? This is a mostly ethical point of view of abortion. If a women is pregnant, she should accept the resposibility of having the child and if she doesn’t want the child, to give it up for adoption. You say it is your right to have control over your body, but where was that control when the child was conceived? As for rape, well, I have a story to convey the ability to love that

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