Persuasive Speech On Same Sex Marriage

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Same-sex marriage has been a controversial topic in the United States. Different opinions are heard everyday but will it ever come to an agreement? It is a difficult question to answer. Today, I will share with you my thoughts or reactions on same sex-marriage based on the readings of provided in chapter five. Jeff Jordan, one of the many people that disapproves of same-sex marriage states that, “there are situations in which it is morally permissible to discriminate against homosexuals because of their homosexuality” (Jordan 237). A statement I do not agree with. I believe discrimination is discrimination. Whether it is towards homosexuals or heterosexuals, or race or age, etc. “to discriminate against X means treating X in an unfavorable…show more content…
She also says that, “the marriage idea is that children need mothers and fathers, that societies need babies, and that adults have an obligation to shape their sexual behavior so as to give their children stable families in which to grow up” (Gallagher 263). I agree to this statement but to an extent. Gallagher focuses on homosexual couples and how they are not able be a mother and a father to a child, or reproduce, or even create a stable family, but are heterosexual married couples now a days doing all of these responsibilities? As is states, “half of all pregnancies are unintended” (Gallagher 263). And here is where another controversial topic plays into role. If you guessed abortion, you’re right. Some heterosexual couples, the ones who are able to reproduce and create stable families, are killing society but yet, homosexual couples that try to adopt and raise a child cannot even do this action. This is why I do not agree with her statement. She demands such things from a homosexual couple in order to get marriage but yet heterosexual couples cannot even accomplish what she is demanding today. So, why shouldn’t marriage be granted to homosexual couples? Evan Wolfson stated in “Marriage and Same Sex Unions”, “[I]sn’t having the law pretend that there is only one family model that works (let alone exists) a lie?” (Gallagher 264). And my answer to his question is yes. Pretending that there is a perfect family model out there is a lie because no family or human being is perfect. So, how is it fair that homosexuals are being discriminated just because it doesn’t meet society’s standards of “family model”? Apparently being different in a way that doesn’t meet societies standards is an immoral thing and therefore may
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