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Welcome, gentlemen! I understand that you are touring the top-rated auto dealers in the country, and we are honored to be chosen for a visit from you. We live, breathe, and work in the automobile industry here, so we are well-versed in the importance of safety on the road. Vehicle engineers are constantly looking for new ways to improve the safety standards for current and future automobile models, and we are proud to be able to showcase some of the features that make driving a safer experience. I would like to take this opportunity to explain to you how driving a vehicle with All-Wheel Steering and Blind Spot Monitors will benefit you in terms of increasing safety on the roads in Saudi Arabia. As I am sure you have prior experiences with the…show more content…
They are called Blind Spot Monitors, and perhaps once you drive a vehicle equipped with these, you may not want to drive without them. All vehicles have certain areas that make it hard for you to get a clear view of your surrounding elements – like over your shoulder, out the rear passenger windows, and even the front windows depending on the size and shape of the car. If you need to make a hasty lane change, and cannot see another driver because they are in one of your blind spots, that’s an accident bound to happen. Especially at high highway speeds, it can quickly turn from a side tap to a rollover wreck. The way that Blind Spot Monitors work to help prevent that from happening is by using sensors to monitor the left and right sides of the vehicle, and if a vehicle enters this area then the car will alert you to their presence by either an audible warning chime, a flashing notification in the side mirror, or both (DeMuro, 2014). Although they are not meant to replace the act of actually turning your head to look at your surroundings before you change lanes, they certainly help to make you a little less “blind” on the

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