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Today, recycling is mainly about maintaining and taking care of our environment. This may not seem to be a big thing, but it is. The motto reduce, reuse, and recycle is a common motto used when it comes to recycling. While some people say that the best method is to reuse our wastes, this often cannot be done for the simple fact everybody will not commit to it. We throw out around 2,000 pounds of trash per household each year. This includes bottles, cans, plastic , and things that can make into good compost. As you know, most of our trash is sent to a modern land field. From there, the garbage is burnt and the pollutants from this are sent into the air that we breathe. This destroys our ozone layer and brings in too much UV rays onto the earth. There are many things that harm the ozone layer such as; cow’s flatulent and belches, factory smoke and the exhaust from all vehicles. These things, when released into the air start to break down the ozone layer and causes global warming. If we can reduce how much of this toxic air, that is being released into our atmosphere, we can slow down the decomposition of the ozone layer. This is why recycling may help stop global warming.
Many people may not know it, but factory smoke, and anything that the earth uses for gas damages our ozone layer. These things are releasing too much carbon dioxide. More carbon dioxide than the vegetation on earth can handle. Trees, grass, and flowers require carbon dioxide to live. They use the carbon dioxide to produce the oxygen that we breathe, but when too much carbon dioxide is put into the air, it causes the vegetation to die, starting with the grass. Without the vegetation a lot of carbon dioxide is being circulated around in the air, causing the ozone la...

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... taking away from the atmosphere. Also this will also start cooling mother earth off, by the trees that will be growing. This will produce more oxygen and reduce the respiratory problems that global warming causes. So, instead of throwing out those orange peelings put them in a compost bin.
Car exhaust is known as a greenhouse gas that stays in the atmosphere for forty years. Greenhouse gas is the worst gas that is released into our atmosphere, because it absorbs and emits radiation. This causes the greenhouse effect. The main types of greenhouse gasses that are present within our atmosphere are; water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. These are the gases that affect the temperature of the earth. According to Siversten’s book Generation Green, “ The Earth’s surface would be about thirty-three degrees cooler than its current temperature.” ()

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