Persuasive Speech On Human Trafficking

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A young woman, no, a child in fact, is tied up and chained to the basement wall of a trucker’s basement, just waiting to be ravished by whatever sick men the man can find to pay. She is skinny and young, a virgin, so she will fetch a pretty price. She hears talking upstairs, negotiations, and then suddenly the basement door opens, where she is then unchained and led to a car. She takes a ride with this stranger to his house where she is stripped and overpowered, raped, all for the satisfaction of one man, and the profit of another. She has been sold, as a slave prostitute, where she will shamefully live out her youth until she is no longer a worthwhile product. Unfortunately, this is just one manner of human trafficking, and a stereotyped…show more content…
Not all men that sell women are truck drivers, and not all people that sell the victims are men. The victims also can range in age and gender, in fact, one third of sex trafficked people are men. Workers are not always for sex, in fact they can be working at factories and in fields, producing foods you eat every day. These slaves have no voice of their own, despite there being more than 29 million of them worldwide. However, other people can give them a voice, and can help free them and end human trafficking. One problem is that there is not enough attention drawn to it. Congressman Hurd’s ad uses bold lettered facts, a black and white scheme, and images to successfully achieve its purpose of shining a light on the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. The ad is all white words and images on a pitch black background. It has two facts, “Human trafficking is the fastest-growing business of crime and the third-largest criminal enterprise in the world” where “fastest-growing” and “third-largest” are bigger than the other text and bold. On the left side of the ad is a pale white pair of handcuffs. Below the words in the middle is a barcode and directly under that is “End Trafficking” with trafficking being bold.
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