Persuasive Speech On Human Trafficking

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What if your daughter, sister, or mother was stolen from a life of freedom and sold into slavery? Wouldn’t you want to do everything humanly possible to save her? Everyday people are being sold, getting infected with diseases, and losing their lives. It’s not only poor people who are being sold as sex slaves, there are also middle class people being brought into this industry. It is our duty, our purpose, and our priority to protect the innocent from a life of bondage; we must end human trafficking now.
Human trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor, or commercial sexual exploitation of the trafficker. This is “the third largest organized crime, a $10 billion industry” (Krishnan). Women are use as sex slaves, being sold multiple times in day, thousands of times during a year. There are children as young as three and four who are being sold for child pornography, why? Their parents can’t afford to feed them, nor can they afford to supply needs for the rest of the family. Those parents only hope is to sell their child and get a little money to help support the rest of the family for a short time. Around the world “approximately eight in ten of the suspected incidents of human trafficking investigated by federally funded task forces were classified as sex trafficking” (“Victims of Crime”). On top of being raped by several men, these victimized women are being drugged and abused, and possibly even killed.
Human trafficking is run by big business holders who think they have the same mind set as the rest of society. They think that by selling women, they are doing good for them, even though it “is a real life horror that has victimized thousands of people across the globe” (K...

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...inment Close-Up) that is happening around them each and every day. If we had everyone around the globe come together as one, they would be able to make an end to sex slavery sooner.
Human trafficking is an issue that needs to be stopped before it gets too far out of control. These wounded victims need your compassion, empathy, and acceptance. These blameless women need to be at ease, knowing we have captured the perpetrators and their evil actions have been stopped. These criminals go by each and every day as we keep our mouths silent. These victimized women and children are being sold and abused daily, for what kind of reward? A sexually transmitted disease, a beating from some man raping her, and in the worse case, death. This is a disgrace to our world, no child or woman, no human being, deserves these horrid life events that they will never be able to forget.