Persuasive Speech On Eating Healthy

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There are many debates on whether or not dieting is good for you, I’m here to tell you that the right kind of dieting can only give you positive results. Maintaining healthy eating habits is an important part of your everyday lifestyle. Dieting can result in more than just losing weight it can improve your health overall. By improving your health, you will have more money and the result in having bad eating habits, you will have a higher risk with diabetes, heart disease, etc., which means you will need to pay more out of pocket fees that can be prevented. By being healthy you will prevent hospitals and your family will not have to plan your funeral anytime soon reducing suffering. There are many long term effects by eating healthy. Now we…show more content…
It doesn’t even need to be overly complicated, while some specific foods or nutrients have been shown to have a positive impact on mood it’s your overall dietary pattern that is most important. Studies have shown that certain kind of meats more fatty ones play a huge role in mental disorders as well. Eating more fresh fruits and less proportions of unhealthy foods will help improve mood and lower risks for mental health. If you already have problems with your mental health eating right manage your symptoms and regain control of your…show more content…
Without the continuously active movement of your body the diet will not work out. You also need to be extra cautious in your everyday life when your body is lacking nutrients and also your muscles working just a little harder than normal comes the need to hydrate your body constantly. Your responsible is more pressed to insure that you still secure and healthy even while trying to get yourself physically and mentally healthy, there are so many guidelines that come into play when trying to tackle and achieve this dieting
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