Persuasive Speech On Branding

That might seem like an overstatement but it’s not, let’s think about it. Even if you get everything else right with your business….you have clients, you’re talented, you’re hard working etc etc but you’ve hit a wall. You feel like your business isn’t reaching it’s full potential. There’s lots of clients out there & ones that can spend what you’d usually need two or three clients to make. But does your branding convey that you’re a professional & at a level to work with them? Are you even reaching them in a sea of competition? Branding is what differentiates you from your competitors & gives people a sense of your business before ever interacting with you. Its what gives you the edge. If there’s two equally qualified business who put out the same quality of work but one is well branded with things that attract & appeal to the target client & the other maybe didn’t spend as much time on those things because their work speaks for themselves…who do you think will get the call?

Let’s think about products we all know, like Old Spice. They had reached a point where they were an old trusted brand that didn’t appeal to the younger generation, I thought of it as grandpas deodorant. Thats a little limiting to only appeal to an older generation when there’s so many young sweaty guys running around out there with money to spend. They re-branded the line as young & hip through better graphics, an overall brand update & a guy on a horse & what happened? All of the sudden everyone’s boyfriend had a stick of it in his bathroom. They were able to attract a whole new demographic & increase sales. What about Dove branding itself as the beauty line for the real woman? It resonates with woman. There’s a demographic that wants to be seen & not told...

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...r modifying my logo, it’s terrible. But dinner always tastes better when someone else is cooking or at least it does to me. Sometimes we are too close to something or it’s too personal for us to step back & really be unbiased. Hiring a professional designer helps you not get so close to the process that you can’t be honest with yourself.

If you decide hiring a designer is the way for you, make sure to research the information you’ll need to give them so the process can be smooth & they can really get an idea of the direction you want to go. I’ll be writing a post on that along with a checklist of questions you should have answers for to give to your designer. If you’re looking to update your branding or site Dawn offers custom branding packages including site, paperwork & logo design as well as some really stunning read to go ProPhoto WordPress Sites that are SEO.
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