Persuasive Speech On Air Pollution

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Along with being aware about air pollution, we should also be aware about ozone concentrations and fossil fuel burning. The public should be concerned with ozone concentrations because they are constantly increasing. Ozone levels are increasing because of the heat and pollution. The public should be informed on how to reduce pollution and heat. Some steps the public can take to reduce pollution are to use public transportation and electric vehicles, conserve energy and recycle. Moreover, planting more plants will reduce heat and decrease ozone levels. Ozone is considered “bad” when found in the lower troposphere because it leads to many health effects in humans. Breathing ozone can cause bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma. Therefore, humans should stay indoors in the afternoon during the summer months. “Bad” Ozone also damages our crops and forests, affecting our food chain and the economy. Ozone is considered “good” in the Stratosphere because it protects us from dangerous ultraviolet rays released by the sun. Ozone in the Stratospheres protects us from conditions such as skin cancer and cataracts. Furthermore, ozone in the atmosphere protects our crops, thus playing…show more content…
Pesticides, infections, and the loss of habitat are the main reasons behind the disappearance of bees. Disappearance of bees can be damaging to plants and the atmosphere. An impact on one sphere leads to an impact on the other. Disappearance of bees increases carbon levels in the atmosphere, destroys plants in the biosphere, dries up lakes and ponds in the hydrosphere, and destroys the soil in the lithosphere. Warmer oceans can be dangerous for humans and sea life. Heating of the oceans has a negative feedback on the climate. Global warming plays a key role in the heating of the ocean. This event is caused by man-made events, therefore, only humans can solve this problem. Hence, an event in one sphere effects all the other
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