Persuasive Speech : Childhood Obesity

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Statement of intent I decided to write an editorial for the main reason to persuade people on what childhood obesity is doing to our society and all around the world. Also what my views points and opinions are on this issue. Which this is an issue that is becoming largely spread across the world and is not just a major health issue but also as a large impact on the economy. I wanted to keep this peace quite short and to the point so I decided to develop an editorial which does this nicely. This editorial is targeted to mainly parents that have children which will also have an impact on children since their parents having the correct information on this issue. Throughout this editorial I’m communicating the idea that childhood obesity needs to stop and is an issue which is growing and needs to be dealt with because of the futures generations health. Childhood Obesity When I get home from school in the weekends one of the first things I do is eat. I walk into my kitchen and open the fridge door and I see multiple bottles of fresh milk. As I dig deeper I find fresh fancy cheeses and vegetables. Then I would look down and see what’s for dinner for the next few days. The freezer would be filled with bacon, Brand new bought steak, pork and lamb. My mum would then cook up a big dinner with all of these wonderful foods. And we would sit there and talk about our weeks. But what would this look like if I was poor? I would open an old budget fridge door to find old cheap rotten milk. I would try to find some half descent healthy food but I’d find potato chips and chocolate biscuits. I wouldn’t find any meat nor vegetables. I would sit there and eat chips by myself. Obesity, The main points I’ll be covering is the cost of obesity, how does ... ... middle of paper ... ..., high blood pressure, artery disease, vascular disease, heart attacks, strokes and in some rare cases it can cause cancer. In the diagram the red bars shows deaths in the United States caused by diet or obesity. Lastly a Solution around the problem. The convenience of healthy food is limited especially in New Zealand. Were McDonalds and other fast food restaurants run 24/7 and are available all the time. This makes It much more likely for people to go and buy these fast food items, as they are covenant and also cheaper, healthier food options need to be available all the time and are cheap and fast. The government has started to consider to tax sugary products. A tax on fizzy drinks could save millions of dollars for health programs all around New Zealand. It is estimated that a 20% tax on fizzy drinks could save 67 kiwi lives a year. Obesity needs to stop.

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