Persuasive Speech About Freedom In School

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Sam 16 years old, he is a 10th grade student. As a teenage boy who love all about cars and video games. Sam is always thinking about when he will have a driver license. Sam never thinks about his education or even his greed. Sam always wastes his time playing video and watching race cars more than studying his homework. I will try to persuade the teenage boy to spend less time playing video games and focus more on school and work without incurring lasting resentment by four different ways. First of all, I will use positive reinforcement to change his behavior. I start to talk to Sam about how education is important. Education helps us build opinions and has points of view on things in life. Also, how education is the process of gaining…show more content…
Sam starts to spend more time studying to avoid cutting the grass. Now every time Sam wants to escape cutting the grass; he will spend more time studying. positive punishment, Sam forget to study for the math test, so the day of the math test he can 't answers any math problem,and he has failed in the math test. I give him a double worksheet to improve his math grade. Sam has learned every time he 's not studying for the test I will double his work. Negative punishment, Sam always waste his time playing video games, and forget to finish his school work, so he get bad grades. Because Sam had a bad grade on the most of his assignment, I took away his video games and he is not allowed to use my car for two weeks. I prefer that positive reinforcement style to manage and change Sam 's behavior. Because teenager needs someone who can explain to them what is good and bad for their life. A teenager needs parents who are strict and warm; parents demand mature behavior, but use reason rather than force in disciplining. I believe that once teenager feels how their parents do care about them, they will change their behavior automatically from bad to good
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