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Silent Please, Charlie
Modern films are something that millions of people enjoy. From going to the theater, to smelling the popcorn, to the comfortable seats, plus the previews of movies coming out that you just “Have to see!”, all followed by the main event: the film. It’s hard for some of us to imagine what life would be like without those moments. We know all the stories, we can quote every line, and tell you everyone who was in our favorite movie. But where did it all start? How did film become such a successful industry in the U.S.? Charlie Chapman is a name you have heard, more likely than not. He was a comedian, an actor, a screen writer, and a director that drastically changed the culture of film in America and throughout the world.
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This is one way we know that Chapman was truly special. Audience’s did not care that there was little to no story behind the tramp, they loved him because of the joy and laughter The Tramp brought to their lives in every film. Although he is poor and seemingly unlucky, he usually finds a way to come out on top. For example, in the film Gold Rush, the prospector not only gets the girl but also becomes rich beyond his imagination. “The Tramp was closely identified with the silent era, and was considered an international character; when the sound era began in the late 1920s, Chaplin refused to make a talkie featuring the character, partly due to how the character was supposed to be American, and Chaplin himself had a strong and obvious British…show more content…
Chaplin gives viewers a fascinating glimpse into the early years of filmmaking. Robert Downey Jr. is captivating, charismatic, and distraught, much like Charlie was in real life. From the beginning we see that Chaplin was made for the limelight when his mother was booed off the stage and he finished her song, causing a standing ovation. From then on we see how this rags to riches story came to life. He started as a supporting actor in many films before emerging as a silent film star. He insists that he can be a good director and the studio owner allowed him to, having some reservations about it. However, Charlie turned out to be a natural born screen-writer and director. He was very meticulous with every aspect of film, which in turn hurt his personal life at times. We see Chaplin (Robert Downey Jr.) spending hours, even days on scenes to make sure they’re perfect. Chaplin allowed us to see that while Charlie was an incredibly influential and successful person from the outside, on the inside he was broken and waging a war against himself, which affected many of his