Persuasive Letter About Abortion

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Dear President Obama,

In the U.S. there were over 1 million babies aborted last year, according to all the data that the CDC collected. That’s more than the amount of United States soldiers killed in the 9 year Vietnam War, if you wanted a visual. I think that is ridiculous! Are we doing something wrong? Are we not giving enough sex-ed to young people? Are older couples being carless? There are many ways to prevent pregnancy, but there is still the option of abortion.

Abortions violate the sixth commandment from God, “Thou shall not kill.” Women are killing a human being while they’re aborting their “mistake.” Plus the doctors carrying out the procedure are breaking the Hippocratic Oath. Doctors take it and it states “First do no harm” and in my opinion abortion is harm to a human being and the child’s mother.
You might think that there are certain circumstances. For instance, what if the mother of the child was a victim of rape or incest? Or maybe the pregnancy is life threatening to the woman carrying the child? What people don’t understand is that there are other opt...
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