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Name Bunni Peterson-Haitwas ID # 860180587 Course Number Persuasive Formal Outline 03 march 2014 SPECIFIC PURPOSE: I want my audience to feel that the partial bite marks are not a reliable way to identify a suspect. CLAIM: Partial bite marks should not be entered into evidence. INTRODUCTION ATTENTION GETTING DEVICE: Imagine that a person with a similar smile to yours has murdered someone and the only evidence the forensic dentist had was a bite mark on a victim, they also had other than another piece of evidence linking you to the crime scene because it was a place that you frequently visited. Because the only two pieces of evidence they have are the things that link you there, the authorities turn their attention to you and now you are their only suspect. The police say that your dentition is identical to the bite on the victim and they enter the evidence and you are now sent to prison to serve a life sentence. You know you are not guilty but because the dentist was wrong and swore to the courts that the mark belonged to you. What would you do? How could you prove your innocents if they quit looking for the criminal? All because you have a similar smile to another person. CREDIBILITY: I choose this topic because over the years I have heard of cases where someone was wrongly convicted and I think that there needs to be a set standard for how the evidence is collected and that it should not just be based on an educated guess. JUSTIFICATION: In researching the possibilities that the bite marks can be falsely identified, I found that the analysis is not always an accurate way to identify the suspect, that being said I think that we should reconsider the partial bite mark being used as evidence. CLAIM: Partial bite marks should... ... middle of paper ... ...rown was convicted of murder due in part to bite-mark evidence, and freed after DNA testing of the saliva left in the bite wounds matched someone else.[20] B. The case of Ray Krone, an Arizona man convicted of murder on bite mark evidence left on a woman's breast. DNA evidence later implicated another man and Krone was released from prison C. Sub-point 3 to support your main point CONCLUSION “There are just too many variables,” said Dr. C. Michael Bowers, author of “Forensics Dental Evidence: An Investigator’s Handbook,” (Bowers, 2004.) SUMMARY: [Brief overview or summary of what you just talked about. Can go main point by main point] APPEAL: [Appeal to your audience. Leave a remark or meaningful quote that they can remember, bring your audience back to the introduction story, leave them with something to think about and move them – emotionally and physically!]

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