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Wild Animal Confinement Wild animals have been used to entertain people all around the world. These animals are meant to be “wild.” Zoological parks contain a variety of different wild animals. Zoos have been said to be for educational purposes. However, some may also think of these zoos as a source of entertainment. Seeing wild animals in their natural habitat is educational because human beings are directly learning from the animal and its natural instincts. The natural habitat of a wild animal is very different from the man made cages they live in under confinement. It is very difficult for a zoo to recreate the unique environment where each animal is intended to live in. One of the main arguments to in favor of keeping zoos open is for the educational purposes it serves; however, it is not ethical to deprive these animals from their freedom. These animals face “challenges… such as greater human proximity, constrained natural behaviors and altered climates, resemble those occurring during urbanization, translocation and other forms of human-induced rapid environmental change … in the wild” (Mason et al., 2013). The earliest zoo opened around 1859 in New York. Zoos are opened worldwide and wild animals are kept for public display. Zoos are sophisticated breeding centers, where most endangered animals are protected and studied. They were initially made up by wealthy people to show their power. Early zoos were similar to museums but with living animals. The animals were confined in small areas where the animals were placed with as many species that would fit. Zoos today are primarily intended to entertain and educate the public. Modern zoos became popular in the18th century: The Age of Enlightenment. During this time, people becam... ... middle of paper ... ...oos impact the people in a positive way while others critic and worry about the establishment of the animals. Like previously mentioned, some people propose that not all zoos are the same. This is because many of them provide activities for the animals. Several zoos allow for the animals to roam around and run free. There are plenty of social animals that are kept in their cages and are therefore alone and ultimately suffer from boredom when they can simply be kept in groups. Many zoos also use these animals to attract visitors and their money. Several animals contain larger populations in zoos rather than in the wild. The animals are not fed properly, and there are zoos that allow for the people to feed them with all kinds of unsuitable foods. Zookeepers are either not aware of the signs themselves, or they are not eager to explain them to the general public.

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