Persuasive Essay: Why Should Minimum Wage Be Raised?

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Let’s just say you have t wo children, you are a single parent and are reliable for everything in the household but only making minimum wage. Do you think you would be able to handle the pressure put on you and provide? Well, there are many single parents out there with children and a lot of those families are living in poverty because of the lack of money reachable to them. With wages being as low as they are it makes it harder on those parents because money just do not grow on trees. The minimum wage should be raised due to the many people in poverty already and not all people get paid what they deserve. First thing first, I would like to speak on behalf of why some people in the country feel this is a bad idea. With the raise on wages…show more content…
If there is only one main source of income in the home and that person is only making minimum wage do you think it’s hard on that one person? I believe it is because just think about it, after all that hard work to get that one check you only made enough to pay all your bills. That money you just worked two weeks for is gone in the snap of an eye due to you making too little. "The fact is, almost two-thirds of minimum wage workers are adults, and four in ten are the sole bread winner of their family” (The Case for Raising the Minimum Wage). Most households rely on people that are making minimum wage and half the time those checks aren 't even enough. "The President 's proposal to increase the minimum wage would raise wages of more than 5.7 million working women. This includes more than 950,000 African-American women and 760,000 women of Hispanic origin” (The Case for Raising the Minimum Wage). By the president pushing towards making wages higher it will help all the single moms out there because there 's a one-fifth population in America of single moms. "In short, as people age they gain more skills and experience. The resulting higher productivity pushes their wages up” (Boudreaux/ Williams). If an employee has worked for a company for a long time they gain more experience over time and become better at the job. That 's one way people in poverty can take notes on and…show more content…
A couple of the states around the country has raised the wages in some of their cities already. according to the article, "While Republicans in Congress continue to block the President 's proposal, a number of state legislatures and governors, mayors and city councils, and business owners have answered the President’s call and raised wages for their residents and employees” (Raise the Wage). Most of the people that are for the movement are typically Democrats. Finally the author states, "Not surprisingly, more Democrats than Republicans favored Obama 's proposal, but 71 percent favored the increase, including a majority of respondents in each party” (Stevenson). More than half the people in America voted for higher wages, those coming from both parties of the government as well. People from both parties of the government have come to a conclusion that wages should be higher it’s just the Congress that won’t push the law all the way
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