Persuasive Essay: Why Should Children Keep Fast Food?

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A blue mini-van is driving along the highway. In the drivers seat is a Father and in the passenger seat a Mother is seen scrolling Facebook on her smart phone. In the back seat is two children; a boy around age 9 and a girl around age 7. Through the window shield you see the reflection of a yellow golden arch. Both children simultaneously ask, “Please?!?” The parents give into their children’s wishes, and order two Happy Meals, just like the other 68 million people who eat from McDonalds every day. Close to 200 million people eat fast food daily, without a second thought. Fast food is cheap and accessible, making it the easy ‘grab and go’ option that millions of family opt for instead of cooking in. But why is fast food so cheap and addictive?…show more content…
It isn’t good for you and it could be pumping your children full of antibiotics and bacteria. And studies show that it isn’t just low income families who eat fast food. Most families opt for fast food because it provides kids with a free toy to keep them busy, and it is a cheaper way to put food on the table. It is separated equally between all three classes of people. But, in low income families, the fast food they buy for their meal has the most nutritional value of anything they will eat during the extent of the day. The protein from a McChicken combo will keep a child running for the rest of the day, more so than boxed Kraft Mac and Cheese would. Should these fast food fighters allow low income families to eat fast food, no questions asked? These low income household children will not be able to get the nutrition they need without stopping into a fast food restaurant. The most calories a child will intake during the day would be through the fast food meal that their parents would buy them. But what does that tell us about people who eat more than just one fast food meal a day?…show more content…
Like stated above, salads can have more trans-fat and saturated fat than a burger combo! There are always healthy options when a person goes out to eat, but it is up to the consumer to do their own research before they go out. “Eat at one’s own risk” should be posted outside of most fast food restaurants. As consumers, we as a population may never know the complete truth about what goes into fast food, or what makes it so delicious that people can’t stop eating it, but people can research to know that they can eat a double cheeseburger, but they should just ask the server to hold all the sauces besides mustard. A mustard cheeseburger with pickles from McDonalds is just 400 calories. That is about the average caloric intake a person should have per meal.
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