Persuasive Essay: Why I Want To A College Class

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When I first got introduced to the college program, I found no way to reject it. Having an opportunity to take college classes as a high school freshman is probably the best thing that someone could ever get. I found out that if I took the chance to knock out two years of college, I would not have to worry about paying too much money for college. I never thought I could take college level classes without paying for them, but then I saw this could be a chance of a lifetime. Now that I am in, I think I will need to have more effort and dedication. This opportunity was not the only thing that persuaded me to join the class. I thought about and figured out that with this power in my hands, I would be able to gain something beneficial. I wanted to be successful all the time, and I wanted to go above and beyond, so I decided to join the college class in order to achieve something new. I knew it was going to be a struggle, but it was not going to be impossible because I knew that I…show more content…
It is important for me to learn the rest of the learning environments because it will help me each time I enter a class. I might do great in a kinesthetic and musical environment, but I will not have that same advantage in a verbal environment. It is necessary to learn them, so that when a teacher wants me to do a presentation for the class or make interaction with a group, I can handle it with no problem. Class is not the only place where I can benefit from the ACC class. Having the ability to use the strategies from the book when I study is really advantageous. In chapter 5, the textbook shows me the SQ3R, a really useful strategy that I can use to read an article fast without losing information. Also, I have learned that I can focus for 25-30 minutes when I study and when I feel like I lost focus, I can take a quick 5 minute break. With these strategies, studying feels less stressful and helps me obtain more
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