Persuasive Essay: Why Are Guns Are Necessary?

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Guns, people say that guns are necessary. For example they say if for protection, for fun, or because they think having a gun is cool. But are they really necessary? Because according to the news and social media, people use guns for destruction, some good examples are shootings at schools, at public places and wars. And the worst of all is that students and common people that suffer from mental problems are the ones causing all those shootings, and they all get the guns from home or a store. It seems that now days it is easier to buy guns and ammo than buying alcohol, and that’s a fact 18 year olds can buy guns, but not alcohol. In my opinion guns are more harmful than alcohol. That’s why society has to put an end to this, if there’s no end to this chaos and murder will be destroying what the common…show more content…
That’s why there should be more gun regulations, to live in a safer environment. . “I personally believe there are far too many guns out there, and access to guns, it’s far too easy.” (Ethan Mcleod n.p.n) as stated by Mr. Mcleod author of gun control that agrees that this country have too many guns and there’s no control. Ether they should reduce the production of guns and ammunition or just add more regulations. According to Garen Wintemute, “An estimated 478,422 firearm-related violent crimes occurred in 2011, including 11,101 homicides.” ( Wintemute 249.) This is a strong fact, just look at those numbers all those crimes were committed by people with the use of firearms. The numbers are high, and soon it will be even higher and that’s for sure. So the people must prevent this they should do something that will put an end to this rising numbers on firearm- related
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