Persuasive Essay: What Football Needs Of Football

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What Football Provides Playing football can be painful from getting bumps and bruises, broken bones, to concussions, and in extreme cases death. Beside the point, four years of football taught me life lessons on and off the field of play. Whether from sportsmanship in the game, to there are no shortcuts in life, to discipline in my education. What I learned during those four years I would never take back that experience for anything in this world. I played football from the time I was 12 to 15 years old. The lessons that I have obtained from football are priceless. These teachings have helped in my post-football career. Yes, there is life after football. I learned how to tackle other players and catch a pigskin ball, but more prominently,…show more content…
This is exactly what I did in football and what came from me doing so was that I replaced a player from his position. Unfortunately though football had to come to an end. Having to hang my jersey and give up football before high school. Believe me it was neither my choice nor my second it was my parents’ design. My parents’ knew at the time that I love playing football, but they did not want me to get a concussion this I did not fully understand. Because not long after, sophomore year in high school I got my first concussion by played two-hand touch football. How it happened it was a weight lifting class and the class would play football and eventually two-hand touch exculpated to tackling. Football is more than just a contact sport. What are often disregarded are the benefits that come from the game. The life lessons that young players learn when playing this game are irreplaceable. It molded me a young man into a wholesome human being. One who applies what he learned in football to the outside world. Football has taught me a lot about myself as well as responsibilities in the work
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