Persuasive Essay Unemployment

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Immigrants have been a problem in the United States due to increasing population and jobs being taking by foreign workers. Many seem to believe that immigrants are an issue in the country because of them not benefiting the economy. Which in reality all types of immigrants help out the country by hard work. Work is a enormous reason most of them come into the United States and them coming to work helps a handful of business and most important of all the economy. Although some believe that immigrants don 't affect the country in a positive way by being in the United States, Immigrants actually help out the economy by working and living like the rest of citizens. Therefore immigrants legal, illegal, refugee, or any other type of person should…show more content…
Many americans without a high school diploma will most likely earn minimum wage for a long period of time, until promoted and in some cases it 's uncommonly. The only way to move on in United States is by having a career in a good paying career that is necessary in demand. In recent study by Dr. Peri and Gianmarco Ottaviano of Bocconi University in Milan, there was an increase of minimum wage of .01% to .06% from 1990 to 2006 (Porter). It’s an increase in pay motivated by many immigrants who have more difficult jobs. Plenty of people would not work because they sometimes can be lazy and ignorant. Some jobs are left to really only illegal immigrants who come south of the American border. Projects of remodeling can sometimes become expensive with tools and material so not many American workers would work for a lower pay. In Porter’s words, a writer for International Herald Tribune, “Contractors, for instance, will be able to take on projects that would not have been profitable if they had paid higher wages to native-born workers” (Porter). Roofing, welding, and some carpentry are examples of what projects constantly consist of and plenty of times immigrant workers are a cheaper labor. A person is never going to know when knowing more than one language can be helpful to themselves or the people around
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