Persuasive Essay: The Truth Behind Homework?

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The Truth Behind Homework Have you ever wonder why students required to do homework? The idea of homework is to expand the students’ critical thinking skills and practice for a subject that requires more understanding for students. Young students learned that they must be in an environment where homework is an essential requirement to do at home after school. As they grow up they learn also that the homework’s grade may affect to their overall grade and that if they do not complete it they would get a lower grade in the class. This idea of homework affecting their grade may leave the students to stress and have anxiety they would have once they get to their home. This is because they may need more help than what the teachers requires them with or they may have not understood it well when the subject was being…show more content…
This came to the mind of several observers and teachers rising the question, is homework beneficial or not beneficial for students? In the teacher’s perspective this is a good way to have students learn faster a material and have more understanding on their own but for the child it can have another perspective. For example, at a young age, our mother would make us pay close attention for homework so that we were well educated but as we sat down on the living room we both noticed that my brother would get frustrated and get mad with himself because of a homework and will take it to the point of wanting to lose focus of it and not do it. Sometimes he required to stay after school to discuss with a tutor or a teacher, but he never could understand enough to be able to do it on his own. Observing students, you can see their capacity of completing by themselves or not. For over time teachers has had an idea that homework is truly beneficial for students due that it helps them improve their skills but for certain students this tend to be a stressful time causing them to lose focus on the purpose of the homework and not get a grade for it
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