Persuasive Essay: The Perfect Summer Vacation

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992 words

The perfect summer vacation
Have you thought about what you are going to do for summer vacation? Well lucky for you I have the perfect vacation planned. If you like it warm and sunny with a small breeze you will love Los Angeles california.
I there is a ton to do there. One of the great beaches is called long beach it has really fine sand so it won't hurt your feet. It usually has really good weather to and the waves are really good for boogie boarding. A boogie board is like half a foam surfboard. When you boogie board you go out into the ocean and you wait for a good wave when the wave you like is close; you get ready. When it gets there, you then must jump on top of it and slam your stomach onto the board and you let the wave take you to shore. Sometimes if the wave is really powerful it will throw you off the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that if you like it warm and sunny with a small breeze you will love los angeles california.
  • Explains that long beach is a great place to go in california. it has fine sand so it won't hurt your feet.
  • Explains that universal studios in los angeles has a lot of rides and shops, and harry potter world is fun.
  • Recommends visiting balboa island, which is a small island off the coast of long beach california.

In universal studios there is a bunch of rides and shops you can go to. They also have a place called harry potter world that is a lot of fun. If you go you have to make sure you get the butter beer it is really good. The rides in harry potter world are pretty fun. There is this one that makes you feel like your in your own harry potter movie! That is not all that is in universal studios! There is the simpsons world that has a ride that is really fun the ride is a visual effect ride but you feel like you are really there. In the jurassic world ride you are on a raft and then you go through the “jungle” and then you go on this big drop and get soaked with water. Another ride is the mummy is goes really fast and has a lot of stops and turns, it is a little freaky. If you are going to go you have to make sure you go on the set tour because it is amazing it will show you a ton of places you won't get to see otherwise. After a day at universal you will probably be hungry. Lucky for you just outside of universal is bubba gump and it will fill you up. And that is a great end to a fun

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