Persuasive Essay: The Perfect Outfit

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The Perfect Outfit On a typical Friday night a group of friends are about to go out and explore the city and along the way meeting lots of new people. The question is, “What should I wear?” What an individual wears is often the first impression they make on another person. The perfect outfit often depends on the season and activity and can be placed into three different categories: sportswear, casual wear, and evening wear. Most female college students don’t have the time or energy to so call “dress to impress” so many seem to turn to the easiest option, sportswear. Girls have a wide variety to choose from. They have the choice of running shorts, leggings, yoga pants, and sweats. For when it becomes colder outside girls can wear sweatshirts,…show more content…
Girls are in luck because almost every woman’s clothing store is dedicated to this particular style ranging from any price range. For most female college students cheaper is better, and many stores are designed for that particular reason. Stores such as Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Charming Charlie, and so many more stores are designed to fit the budget of almost anyone while keeping the clothes cute and different. Girls are able to throw on the perfect t-shirt dress from American Eagle with a cute simple necklace with a pair of converse if they’re in the mood to wear something loose and comfortable. They can also wear a pair of their most comfortable jeans and simple V-neck. Even when the weather is to change stores begin changing their clothing to match the season. There are so many options and stores to choose from its hard to miss…show more content…
She can throw on a fancy black dress with her favorite colorful heels decked out in jewelry that shines miles away. Not only can she wear dresses but a nice pair of jeans with her favorite flats and a nice shirt that suits her personality well. Whether it is a hundred degrees outside or a hundred degrees below zero girls can wear the same thing. If it is cold and they are wanting to wear a summer dress all they have to do is throw on a cardigan and a pair of tights to cover up their legs. Which makes this one of the easiest styles out of the three. Evening wear is one of the priciest options because this style is typically only worn during a nice occasion. Many stores such as Bebe, Macy’s, Dillard’s are completely dedicated to this style so one has lots of places to look and find something that fits the look they are going for. Luckily many of these stores have a clearance rack with nothing but evening wear attire on it marked down to fit the college

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