Persuasive Essay: The Morality Of Animal Testing

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The morality of animal experimentation has always been up for questioning. People would like to think animals are not on the same levels as them. After all, people are the alpha on the food chain simply because animals don’t have the capabilities or intelligence as humans do. However, putting them on the level with non level things is a bit unfair. Animal experimentation can be dated back many of centuries. An old scientist once performed live lectures on pregnant dogs. The scientist would harm the pup right in front of her. On natural instinct, the dog was fiercely barking to help her baby and ignoring her own pain; Just as any human mother would do the exact same. Animal experimentation should be vetoed, or altered so animals do not experience any suffering.
The main reason animals are experimented on is because scientists want to be more knowledgeable and advance their learnings in science. They hope the outcome of animal testing will improve human life and further
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After the rabbit is observed for at least three weeks, the rabbit is then killed. However, this experiment has proven to be misleading because of the rabbit’s cornea. A rabbit’s cornea is different compared to a human because they conceive less tears which permits the chemical to sit longer and cause more irritation to the eye. During a skin experiment, scientists normally test a spot that has been shaven, and look over the amount of itching, inflammation and also to see if any irreversible damage is done. Skin test have been frowned upon due to animals having different intake rates which is not as realistic in humans. Pharmacokinetics is the absorption rate, distribution, metabolism, dermal penetration, and excretion of toxic chemicals in the animal of the experiment. These test are often received by force-feeding, inhalation or

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