Persuasive Essay: The Effect Bees Have On Us

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The Effect Bees Have On Us

What would happen if the world’s leading pollinator was to go extinct? All around the world are small little insects that help people by pollinating food and the environment they are in. Most people take them for granted but if continued they will no longer be around. Many farmers we will suffer drastically because they pollinate about 15 to 20% of consumer foods that they produce for a living. Bees are on the endangered list and are dying quickly and if we do not do anything to try and stop it agriculture would suffer drastically. As the entomologist Marla Spivak said “Honeybees and wild bees are the most important pollinators of many of the fruits and vegetables we eat. Of 100 crop species that provide 90% of
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But we'd lose an awful lot of good, healthy food, from cherries and broccoli with onions and almonds. Or we'd pay exorbitant costs for farmers to use some other, less efficient pollination technique to supplement the work that healthy, natural pollinators could do.” In the case that this happens not everyone can afford food as it is so for prices to have to increase would also mean less food for those who can barely afford it or none at all. Bees play a bigger role than we realize in our world we do take for granted very much all that has been provided for us, sometimes we forget that bees play a larger role in our ecosystem than we care to realize. “Humans might have to resort to things such as hand pollination, also known as mechanical pollination is a technique that can be used to pollinate plants when natural or open pollination is either undesirable or insufficient. This method of pollination is done by manually transferring pollen from the stamen of one plant to the pistil of another.”
The only problem is that hand pollination takes longer than ordinary insect pollination.
“Bees start leaving the hive at sunrise and visit flowers up to five miles from the hive, in search of nectar and pollen. They may make up to 10 trips a day and will return to the hive at sunset also a bee can visit up to 5,000 flowers in a single day.” Bees can pollinate faster compared to how many a Human could in the span of a

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