Persuasive Essay: The Dangers Of Big Game Hunting

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When many people think of hunting they think of cruel, evil people senselessly killing innocent animals. What they don’t realize is that hunting is a passed down tradition and a way for people to bond with others who share a love for the sport. There are two main types of hunting: bowhunting and hunting with a rifle. There are strict rules and regulations that apply to hunting, so someone can’t just go out and start shooting up all the animals. Before anyone can hunt, they have to pass a class and a field test in order to get their license. Without a license, you can’t buy tags. A tag is a paper that you buy in order to be able to kill an animal. You can hunt many different types of animals from birds to bears, but in this essay I will be talking specifically about big game. Big game is referred to as deer, elk, bear, and cougar. Although many people believe that big game hunting should be banned in the United States, they overlook the fact that hunting does more good than harm. Many people use the meat that they have harvested while hunting as a main food source for themselves and their families. One could argue that is easier to just buy store bought meat. While it is easier to buy meat from a store, it’s cheaper and healthier to hunt your own meat. In his article, J. Townsend talks about store bought meat vs. hunting…show more content…
These figures are shocking and unexpected. For calling themselves animal activists, they haven’t really helped any animals. This proves that hunters are the largest source of conservation funding in the United States, by far surpassing the animal rights

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