Persuasive Essay: Taking A Gap Year After High School

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Not going directly to college after high school gives one a chance to breathe and not think about school. High school can be a lot to handle for a teenager. During those four years, teachers and other adult figures are shoving the idea of college into your head. They practically make you a drone and force you to do your best in school, because if you don’t you’re not going to be accepted in college. College is a huge dream for a decent amount of students, but these individuals that we, students, look up to through-out this career make us terrified of the thought. Right from the gecko, our plan for our future is middle school, high school, work, college, than life long career. After getting bombarded for so long, students want to escape the stress and worries. By taking a gap year after high school, students can clear the mind of any school related stress and relax. No more tests, judgement, ridicule, and…show more content…
As we grow up we are continuously asked “What do you want to be when you grow up”. As kids we determine the careers we want to do are veterinarian, teacher, doctor, or fire fighter/police officer. Some kids have much larger goals like becoming president or being a princess. But as we grow and start interacting with the world are career goals become more reasonable and very unique. Although, we are looking for careers that would be worth going to college for we always have that one individual in our life asking what we want to do. By taking the break after high school it gives us the opportunity to figure out different majors and choices we can do through-out college. The break gives us a chance to do internships in certain fields without worrying about interference with school. These internships are helpful because we gain hands on experience in all different fields of interests, and we can determine what we truly like the
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