Persuasive Essay Smoking

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Through some primary research it was gratifying to see the strides the American Legacy Foundation has made over the past fifteen year with encouraging the youth to not smoke and smokers to stop smoking. With over fourteen million documents from major tobacco companies concerning manufacturing, advertising, marketing, sales, and scientific research the company has nicely extrapolated the right information to make people think twice about smoking. On the contrary, the cigarette industry has adopted a second child that is electronic. The problem is that people do not see electronic cigarettes as a health concern. The fact that people are “vaporing” instead of smoking gives them the illusion that it is “healthy.” All sickness associated with smoking…show more content…
Children know smoking is bad, but they keep hearing positive things about the electronic cigarettes and seeing their idols use them. They have limited knowledge to think otherwise. Furthermore, the item is still too new for there to be proper regulations. People that do not smoke should not be subjected to second hand smoke. Studies concerning the short-term health effects and chemicals inside electronic cigarettes have been documents, but more research needs to be done concerning the long-term effects. At first glance, the electronic cigarette seems to be ideal for current smokers, but the concept is vague and put the general population at risk. Health officials, scientist, and lawmakers are still at a crossroad with their perception on the electronic cigarette. One thing we know for sure is the connection with nicotine. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs on the planet, that gateways to other more potent drugs in many cases. People need to know what is going on. This plan will empower more research so people can make the right decision and call for more immediate regulations. The same way tobacco cigarettes are campaigned with every new discovery needs to be the case for electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes should not be able to play the role tobacco cigarettes play in our
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