Persuasive Essay Smoking

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Every passing year, over 480,000 deaths in the United States can be traced back to habitual cigarette smoking, equaling out to about one in every five deaths (Tips From Former Smokers 1). As shown by this gruesome number, smoking is the leading cause of premature deaths in the country; however, it is entirely preventable (Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking 1). If the officials are aware of the increased risk of death, then why is there nothing being implemented to halt this ever-increasing mortality rate? The answer lies in adequate advertising, or rather the lack thereof, and cheap pricing. Reverting to the use of realistic, hard-hitting, and more informing package labels and enforcing legal pricing of tobacco products would significantly reduce the use of tobacco products by adults and youth by informing users of the “real cost”,…show more content…
Every day, over 3,200 minors under the age of eighteen smoke their first cigarette and estimated 2,100 youths and young adults who only occasionally smoked become habitual users (Fast Facts 1). Smoking truly begins in the adolescent years when peer and social pressure are the strongest. Advertisements for tobacco companies are all around, screaming the positive benefits of smoking and using, but one aspect that is conveniently excluded is the negative effects, or the “real cost”. The health risks are often times left out of advertisements or at least underemphasized to seem of very little importance. Without being fully and completely aware of the dangerous, long-term risks that are being taken when one uses a tobacco product, how can a teenager, young adult, or an adult make an informed life decision such as taking up chronic smoking? In 2009, the United States Senate approved a bill to allow the Federal Drug Administration to regulate tobacco. As required by the bill, the tobacco industry would have to publicly disclose all of the ingredients
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