Persuasive Essay: Should Students Have School Uniforms?

Children in Schools should be required to wear uniforms Students should be required to wear uniforms is because some clothing can be found as distracting in multiple ways. When the clothing that a student has chosen to wear is distracting it can take away from a student 's full concentration, leading to not fully understanding a topic. Also, letting students express their feelings through clothing can lead to bullying because their clothes are not name brand or in style, and could offend other students. When bullying takes place it can lead to a student getting violent, which hinders the school 's safety. Schools should require students to wear uniforms not to be cruel, but to better the learning environment.
According to a study done by
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They choose to adopt uniforms because it lowers bullying and increases safety for the students and staff (School Uniforms). When uniforms are adopted they apply more rules and control over children, which is a good thing because if students have freedom to do whatever whenever, it leads to bullying and fights. According to surveys done by National Association of Elementary School Principals there has been a 64 percent decrease of bullying in schools with uniforms implemented (National Association of Elementary). 64 percent decrease is a dramatic drop in bullying, which is a great thing because bullying decreases the safety of the other students and…show more content…
Some would argue that uniforms could be expensive especially if parents have multiple students in school, uniforms take away from a student 's individuality, and they 're afraid uniforms can cause more bullying than before. On a average a piece of clothing for a uniform is 15 dollars apiece (How Much Do School). If you think about it you could easily spend twice that on a “cool” pair of jeans that your child can not live without. A good thing about purchasing uniforms you can just about buy them anywhere clothes are sold. They do not have to be purchased through a uniform store they can be purchased through just about any retailer as long as they follow the guidelines of the uniform (How Much Do School). Uniforms do not take away a student 's individuality because outside of school they can still wear what they would like to. Also most schools have extracurricular activities where the students can shine and show what they are made of. Students should still be able to make friends and socialize with each other because now they will not view a person by what they are wear. Students will now judge people by getting to know who the student is instead of what they look like on the outside. Clothes can help identify a person but they should not identify who you are in the inside because if you see someone wearing clothes with holes in them does not mean they are

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