Persuasive Essay: Procrastination Should Wake Up Late At School

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Jessica started high school and never had a good schedule. She always waited until the very last minute to do homework. She would always go to sleep late and always wake up late for school and not catch the bus. After a while, she realized that she had to manage her time everyday for school. Jessica never had time for practicing her guitar and never got her required minutes every week for guitar, but since she started managing her time well, she started being more confident in school and she got good grades ever since she stopped procrastinating. Procrastination can affect people who have school because they won’t get work done, and they’ll wake up late for school, and their brains won’t function properly at school.
First of all, people don’t
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Those people who slack on homework and do after school activities everyday can also be called procrastinating. But sometimes people do their homework and don’t get to do their after school activities because the homework takes up all their time, but sometimes students can do their activities everyday, but we do have a 5th block where we can do out homework but sometimes people decide not to do it. Those who have time to do their homework in the morning are lucky, but that means those children slack on homework as well. Having to do homework in the morning means people don’t do their homework in the afternoon when they come back from school. I am being a bit repetitive, but procrastinating can cause a lot of problems in life. Those who have a family that are strong in the subjects that they learn can help those who have trouble with their homework. Getting satisfactory grades in school is probably the number one priority in life for those who still take school. Many children should find solutions to get their work done to cause less problems for school. Procrastination has always affected many people’s lives and how they go through…show more content…
Procrastination has always affected many people’s lives and how they go through school. Even if after school activities get in the way, asking family members to help out with homework and studying will hopefully help out for the next week or so. Procrastination should be handled more easily because I feel as if people in middle school and high school aren’t managing their time well, which is why they don’t get work done, they sleep late, and they wake up late and become tardy for school. Those students who have trouble with learning how to manage their time should try to make a schedule and plan things out. (Just stay off phones as much as possible because that has helped
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