Persuasive Essay On Zoos

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As a kid, I had always looked forward to days at the zoo. I was, however, far more interested in the jungle-themed surroundings than the educational parts. I was told that zoos protected animals and took good care of them. Now I'm not too sure that's the truth. Animals like tigers, lions, and elephants are born to live and grow up in the wild. They aren't meant to live inside of a cage in a zoo. Not only that, but the animals' health isn't as good as you'd expect. Although lots time and money has been spent on zoos, animals are still suffering. Zoos are fun and exciting for kids and tourists, however, the animals aren't enjoying it as much as us.
An elephant will walk up to thirty miles each day in the wild. Dolphins and whales explore vast oceans. Doing these things are impossible to do in a cage. Zoos put a lot of time and effort into making what seem like the large exhibits, but cthey are nothing compared to the land they naturally live in. Animals deserve the freedom to walk. Cage size regulations in zoos only require that the animal is able to stand up and move around a ...
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