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While women are ready to try anything to get a flatter tummy, they face many issues with rigorous training in the gym. Sometimes you can also find them buying online health products to reduce the weight. However, consumption of these products alone can never give desired results to anyone. Apparently, you should not think to reduce the weight in order to look good but improving overall health is essential. If you really want to reduce the weight then stop worrying and start focusing on these yoga asanas like Uthkatasana, Vinyasa flow, Naukasana, Setubandhasana and plank. Uthkatasana (Chair Pose): This asana has a position like you are sitting on a chair. This asana will help you in strengthening the lower back, chest, hips and muscles of the…show more content…
The three yoga asanas in Vinyasa flow are parvatasana or downward facing dog, cobra pose or bhujangasana and last is plank pose or kumbhakasana. Steps: a)Take position of downward facing dog asaana and hold it for 10 seconds. b) Lower down your body by using your arms and breathing out. When you are on the floor lift up your chest using your hands and hold this position for 10 seconds c) Take the last position i.e. plank while breathing out and gain hold his position for 10 seconds. Tips: try to focus on your muscle and make changes slowly. These yoga positions are tough so avoid over doing this. Naukasana (Boat pose): This is one of the great yoga poses to get a toned body. This is great way to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles along with toned arms and thighs. Steps: a) Lie down on the yoga mat keeping your hands on side. b) Exhale and lift up your chest and arms towards your ankle. Simultaneously, lift your feet from the ground. Keep your arms straight stretching towards the feet. c) Try to hold the position for 10 seconds and keep your breath normal. You will feel the muscle contraction in your belly. d) Exhale and come back to the normal

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