Persuasive Essay On Women's Rights

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There was a time in the world when women were without basic rights and required the power to make decisions about their own lifestyle. They weren’t educated to the same standard as men. They weren’t allowed to work, they weren’t even allowed to inherit property. Everything belonged to their husband or family. There were no women in the police force or government and women weren’t even allowed to vote. Men’s power over women often cost their lives , the physical power is obvious. But there is also emotional power. Yet, after many years, women and men are still not equal. Women and girls should be able to lead a free, equal and self-determining life in every corner of the world just like men do so.
Women have fought for their civil rights for a long time. They have slowly gained these rights. Today, women have a lot more rights than they had in the past. Despite this fact, there are still some problems about women’s rights. It has not been easy for women to gain their rights and freedoms. However, they have never given up their fight. In
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This probably was the best thing that happen to women. In 1963, the second women’s movement began from a book that was written by Betty Fridan called “The Feminine Mystique.” She said in her book that women were not totally satisfied and happy. Also, she said that there were still many people who thought that men were smarter than women. Therefore, there were still many unfair issues in our society and workplaces. She wanted people to realize by reading her book that there was still discrimination against women. She really wanted to change such unfair things. Therefore, many women worked to get equality. After several years, NOW, which stands for National Organization of Women was organized. NOW works for women’s rights and says that women should not be discriminated by anyone ( Finally, the movement succeeded, and women gained equality in

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