Persuasive Essay On Why Students Fail

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Failed! How does that make you feel that you failed something? I bet it is not a great feeling. Students these days are failing their classes but they get passed on because they are either a athlete or their parents are important to the community. I think this is wrong on both parts. The teachers are paid to teach us students what we need to know to pass the class. We should not just pass the students on to the next class if they do not understand the information in the current class. Roughly 7 percent of high schoolers drop out every year. This has dragistly gone done since the 1970’s. There are a lot of reasons why a student will drop out of school. One of the main reasons is due to finances. A lot of students in high school and college can not afford the textbooks that they need for the classes. A lot of students are getting bullied also. Even in college students get bullied based on their appearance. Why should this effect our education?…show more content…
Either the students is bored in the classroom. They could already know the material or they are not doing good on the homework or test that come along with the class. Class may not be relevant to what they want to major in. Most colleges make you take a certain amount of credit hours per semester to either be a full-time are part- time student. So to fill up a few credit hours a student make take a class that is not relevant so they can keep their fincial aid. Why should the student care if they pass or not if no one else cares. They may not have a strong support system behind them. If no one cares then why should the student try and make a effort if no one is proud of them. Family’s may not care if they attend class everyday or the teachers do not care who is in the classroom everyday. Things do come up at the last minute and you have to miss class. If you bring in a note some teachers do not care and expect you to catch yourself up on what is going on in
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