Persuasive Essay On Whaling

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More than 4,000 years ago, Japan was one of the first countries to start whaling, Norway was another. When whaling first began, every part of the whales were then use: the meat, skin, bones, blubber, and organs. During the Middle Ages, whaling grew in Northern Europe because of whale oil and baleen (also known as whalebone). The oils were used for oil lamps and the baleen was used for corsets and hoop skirts (NG). Japanese culture was founded on the idea of whaling. Eating whale meat is a sacred Japanese tradition that they as a country feel shouldn’t be broken. Today Japan says that their whaling research over past years has led the way to sustain this “renewable marine food resource” (NG).
Mid-1700’s, whaling from Europe caught wind in America. American’s had a tough time finding whales in the Atlantic Ocean, so they ventured out into other oceans to whale including waters of the Arctic and Antarctic (NG). Once America got ahold of this act, they modernized it. They created gun-loaded harpoons and steamships and sent out hundreds of ships throughout all oceans in hopes to capture ...

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