Persuasive Essay On Welfare Reform

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Welfare has been and always will be an important issue of America. The plan behind welfare ensure that less fortune have their needs met. A parent who care and provides for their children without help from other parent, men and women who are divorced, separated and widow make up the single parent group. According to the Census Bureau 12 million single parent families in 2014, more than 80% are single mothers and 17% are single fathers. However Welfare reform needs to examine closely because there are too many single parents who are abusing the system or just trying to get ahead. People been debating for many years about single parents on welfare. In America you have people saying single parents need welfare, while the other believe they need to get up and go get a job. While most parents who are on the system really need help to provided for their families, until they are able get back on their feet. The child is innocent and should not have to suffer because of their…show more content…
If a person going scam government and not use their resources right, they need to be placed behind bars. While there in jail they can take a class about meaning and history behind welfare reform, wright a letter to the government stating what they did wrong. Once they are released from jail make sure they are not allowed to sign back up for welfare until those three years are up. They need show some type of improvement (looking for a job and taking care of the kids while not being on welfare), once the three years are up maybe they would not have to depend on welfare system because they learn some type of stability. Another way to see if they using resources right, have social worker do a popup visit without client knowing coming by. While social worker in house making sure house have plenty of grocery for that month, making sure it’s clean in there and asking kids

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