Persuasive Essay On Vr

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Imagine what it would feel like to be in your favorite video game, being completely immerse feeling like you’re literally there. So much so that you forget you are playing a game, that what is going on in the game before you is reality. With VR you can do anything from racing a sports car on a NASCAR race track to surviving a horde of zombies hungry for your flesh. VR is one of the greatest innervated pieces of technology out on the market today. Virtual reality or VR has really blown up in the past few years, starting with the Oculus Rift in 2013 when developer kits were delivered to popular gaming Youtubers. Which turned out to be a smart move since, from there VR gained its popularity and opened the world of gaming to new possibilities.…show more content…
The best part of VR (for me) is that you can step away from the real world and step into a completely different one. Remarkably, a lot of people, including myself use video games to escape their troubles of their everyday lives, using it as a way to break free from all of their worldly problems. You can go from being a depressed nobody, to the world’s greatest war hero that everyone loves, or a lowly office worker to the world greatest thief. By using VR everything becomes more lifelike, and its overall more enjoyable than let’s say a console video game. As well, video games can require a lot of concentration, which with the VR comes very easily. For example, with console games you have no choice but to play on a television it is possible to get into the game. But using a VR headset you get so into the game that you are playing concentration is not an issue. As well as that with VR to look around your environment all you need to do is turn your head adding to the immersiveness. But with console you must use a controller to look around your environment. In addition, there are some semi immersive arcade games. For example, there is a Star Wars game where you sit in a make shift cockpit that has a control similar to the controls of the air craft that you are in. But with an arcade game one is not able to play it as much as something you have in your own home. Because, you would have to go to the arcade, then you can’t play it for hours like normal video games. Since, one most arcades don’t like it when you hog a game and two arcade games are meant to be short in
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