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Vietnam cuisine: best Vietnamese cakes to try Vietnamese cuisine comprises a variety of cakes with different flavors and styles. The special thing is that all kinds of cakes, pies, crepes, savory pastries, bread are called “Banh” in Vietnamese. And it will be a shortcoming if you visit Vietnam without enjoying Vietnam street food. Today, let’s find out some delicious Vietnamese cakes that you can try in any food stalls or stress-side restaurants throughout this beautiful country. Banh Cuon Banh Cuon is one of Hanoi´s most popular food, which is usually served for breakfast. Among many versions of this cake, Banh Cuon Thanh Tri in Hanoi is the most famous one. This delicacy includes thin sheets of steamed rice flour-based batter, filled and rolled with minced mushrooms and pork. Then it is served with fried onion, bean sprout, Vietnamese Pork sausage (Cha lua), and elegant fish sauce. Banh Cuon can be found on many local food stalls in local markets. So let’s enjoy this delicious delicacy for just a dollar! Banh Gio…show more content…
With its unique shape and delicious flavor, it’s considered as a good option for the breakfast or a tasty evening treat. Banh gio is made from well-mixed rice flour, wrapped by banana leaves and then boiled in water. Its filling is a mixture of lean minced pork, sliced wood ear mushroom, and chopped shallots, which has formerly been seasoned with salt, sugar, pepper, fish sauce and then stir-fried for some minutes. Banh gio can be found in almost all market and residential areas in Hanoi. This dish at its best when served hot and you can add some toppings like giò lụa (pork roll), pickled cucumber, and chili sauce or a more pungent taste. What can be better than enjoying Banh gio at a small corner of Hanoi on winter days? So just try it once and discover how tasty it í by

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