Persuasive Essay On Video Games

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When I was younger, I was always told video games were a “waste of my time,” a “distraction from responsibilities,” or even a “useless fad”. However as I’ve gone through my life as a high school student and now an undergraduate student at San Jose State University, I’ve noticed one thing- video games are here to stay. That being said, I’ve realized that some of the games the community has been playing have not only been directly connected to one’s critical thinking skills, but also have made the player use his/her mind to try new creative ways to achieve their in-game goals. Completing these in-game goals gives the player a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to go out on a limb and try these new strategies in completing their real…show more content…
As much as we would hate to admit it, our parents were right. Sitting in front of a screen all day is not only stressful on your eyes, but it also neglects the exercise your body needs to stay healthy. Besides physical health long term video game use has, there also comes a strong mental strain as well.“a significant correlation between hours spent logged on and elevated BMI, higher numbers of ‘poor mental health days,’ and lower levels of sociability and assertiveness. The factors driving those negative physical and mental health outcomes may have to do with the real world activities gamers forgo in order to spend more time in the virtual world” (O’Callaghan). That being said, the simple solution to this is to, unlike Quest 2 Learn, only partially implement these video game techniques into our curriculums. For example, it would be wise to have half the school day spent learning their normal school subjects (with the use of video games of course), but then to match it with the same amount of time with a more physical and social learning environment.Therefore, with the current educational system being mostly successful, it only makes sense to add a new ingredient that will do nothing but boost test scores, raise graduation rates, and let our children have fun while doing it.
In conclusion, it is common to wave off ideas that seem taboo to past generations, however it is also extremely beneficial to welcome new ideas and practices that can present themselves useful. Having this new implementation of video games in our education systems will not only be beneficial to contemporary society’s students, but it will also provide a basis for what is to come of the digital world in future generations. “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future” -John F.
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