Persuasive Essay On Vaccines

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Our country has been part of a national debate regarding childhood immunizations for hundreds of years, with some more afraid of the reactions from the vaccinations than the illnesses they control, and others pushing for mandatory immunizations. The controversy of this debate is due to the fact that vaccinations have a long and convoluted past of both sparing our lives and harming us. History has shown that a lack of vaccinations can lead to epidemics causing a vast amount of deaths. For this reason, vaccinations given for prevention of diseases such as polio, rubella, and mumps, should become mandatory for all children of the U.S. who wish to attend school, without exception. These vaccinations are critical to the control and prevention of…show more content…
It is speculated that this increase in reported cases of pertussis and measles is directly attributed to people refusing to immunize their children. While most parents are inoculating their children at the ages they are required to receive them, there are a few that are against any and all vaccinations. In Dr. James Howenstine’s article, “Why You Should Avoid Taking Vaccines”, he discusses some of the reasons parents are not vaccinating. He explains why parents should not vaccinate because of the possible harmful effects of the vaccinations due to the chemical composition found in some of these vaccines. He is also reluctant to believe in their effectiveness stating that vaccinated individuals may still acquire the disease for which they were vaccinated. Some illnesses don’t require a vaccine because the disease is not serious enough such as influenza or chicken pox. He even claims that the government is only administering and mandating vaccines in order to make a profit. People who are opposed to vaccinations also believe that the vaccines actually tear down the immune system making the body more susceptible to other diseases such as cancer, auto immune diseases, and SIDS
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