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Vaccinations In the United States 90% of parents choose to have their children immunized. This includes 28 immunizations by age four. (Film Media Group np) However, this statistic is declining as more parents are opting out of vaccinating their children each year. The small percent of parents opting out of vaccinations could have detrimental effect on disease outbreaks. They are putting themselves and people who can’t be vaccinated at risk. Many parents are simply uninformed about vaccines and how important they really are to keep everyone safe. Contagious diseases can spread quickly and as history has shown, they have the power to kill thousands of people. In order to save lives and prevent outbreaks children should be required to be vaccinated. In the United States it’s a federal law that all children be vaccinated before attending kindergarten in a public school. However, each state has the power to determine who is exempt. Some states allow religious and philosophical exempts. There are ways around not having your child vaccinated and it’s easier than you would think to get around…show more content…
The vaccine is and inactive form of the virus that will stimulate the body’s natural defense mechanisms (Sukis np). White cells attack the virus that was injected and start producing antibodies that fight the virus. The body will remember the virus when the person comes in contact with the actual virus and know how to fight it right away and they won’t get sick (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services np). After immunization that person won’t get the disease or they will only get a mild form of the illness. Vaccinations have been created for diseases such as polio, measles, and diphtheria. They were once common diseases now they are less common. Small pox has been eliminated all because of vaccinations (Sukis np). Imagine what vaccinations will be able to do in another 10 years from

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