Persuasive Essay On Vaccination

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Usman Chaudhry
Prof. Schuppan
English 1101
Vaccinations in Children
Since the beginning of modern medicine, questions have been raised regarding the safety, need, and effectiveness of vaccinations. Should it be the parent’s decision or should all children be required to be vaccinated? I believe all children should be required to have their vaccinations and immunizations completed. This vaccination decision affects not only parents and their own children, but also doctors, teachers, and other children.
On one side, parents argue it should be their decision on whether they vaccinate their children or not. On the other hand, doctors argue that by not immunizing a few children, the risk factor for those choosing to immunize is increased. Since this is a risk some parents are willing to take, while others are left with no choice, there is obviously a need for a solution. Almost all parents prioritize their children’s health over their education, social developing, etc. Pro-vaccine parents point to the greater than 500% decrease in the twentieth century of new diagnosis for diseases such as measles and diphtheria. Non-vaccine parents accept the large decrease in diagnosis of the diseases, but attribute it to the better nutrition, healthcare, and sanitation available in the twentieth century (McMahon-Pratt). It is hard to determine which of these two possible factors was directly responsible for the decrease.
Similarly, total deaths from the pertussis (whooping) cough were close to 12,000 in 1905. As infrastructure of hospitals and sanitation improved, the rates fell to 1,000 deaths per year by the late 1940’s (Rinner). Yearly deaths remained at these levels until the vaccine for the cough became common. Slowly, yearly deat...

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.... Instead I propose it be put to a vote with the solution being that which satisfies the majority. Considering approximately only 5-8% of parents are against vaccines, it would be an easy call. After all, we are a democracy.
Questions will always be raised about the safety and need of vaccinations and complete immunizations. Every parent likes to think they know best for their children, but isn't it time we accepted what science and religion tells us is safe. I urge you to support immunizations in children as this affects us not only in the present, but in the future our children will judge us for our actions today.

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