Persuasive Essay On Tobacco

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The use of Tobacco Does anyone have habit of chewing or smoke tobacco? Tobacco was made from one kind of plant leaves, but it is dangerous to health. Uses of tobacco were still in all over the world, but many countries passed laws to try to reduce tobacco use (Smoking). “In the United States, a variety of federal, state, and local laws restrict the sale, use, and advertising of tobacco products, however, government organizations and individuals who have been harmed by cigarette smoke have also used the courts to attack the tobacco industry” (Smoking). They made the rule, but then also people did not follow it. Most of the developing country sells tobacco openly; they gave cigarette…show more content…
Daily people die with diseases caused by tobacco. Now a day in the United States tobacco uses become a main cause of death, diseases, and disability. However, some people affirm that use of tobacco give negative effects and that killed people in early age. The government should make uses of tobacco illegal to save people from the great variety of health problems that can cause by tobacco such as heart disease, cancer, and premature…show more content…
“Many of the restrictions on tobacco advertising are designed to prevent young from being exposed to it” (Smoking). Above I already mentions that smoke affects all over the body organs; some body organs are too sensitive. “Tobacco contains more than four thousand chemicals, some of which are known to be poisonous or cancer causing” (smoking). Therefore, chemical found in tobacco cause lung cancer and other types of cancer. In the articles “Tobacco and smoking 2004”, it’s written that lung cancer kills more American than breast and prostate cancer combined, and tobacco accounts for over 30% of all cancer deaths and a comparable fraction of death due to heart and lung diseases(National). Each year, many people start to smoke and day-by-day more risks are increasing. Every year different organizations tries to control the use of tobacco in the United States, but none of them became success. In the United States, the first preventable cause of cancer is tobacco. Therefore, the government should enact a law to make the use of tobacco illegal to prevent people suffering from different types of
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