Persuasive Essay On The Word Gay

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Gay, go into any YouTube comment section, and you will see this word. Today we know it as either defining someone’s sexuality or if someone is happy. Even in seventh grade reading, I remember us going over the word gay and the misuse of it. My teacher would tell us that kids nowadays miss use words because they’re not taught the proper meaning of words. Ironically though, we still were not taught any other meaning of the word, just two. The word gay has not only been around for centuries, but the meaning of it has also changed over time. Starting in the twelfth century in England, the word gay became known. It was formed from a old french word gai, which is believed to be derived from another German word, but because words are complicated,…show more content…
Move forward, or backwards depending on your opinion, to the nineteenth century. The word changed to mean either a woman who was a prostitute, or a man who slept with a lot of women. This is the complete opposite of what we think of today when we think of gay. The irony that it went from sleeping with multiple women, to having “interactions” with those of the same sex is pretty funny I think. We never even think of prostitution when it comes to the term gay today, but this just proves the broad spectrum the word can cover. Gay was also used in a different context then we happen to use it today. Back then they may say something along the lines of “Gay it”, which was to have intercourse. Today if we would hear this, from a male perspective, we would probably think that it would to make something very colorful or feminine. Being gay in these day was considered an abomination to a lot of people. It was even illegal to be gay in Britain until 1967, but to make matters worse if a person was even thought to be a homosexual or called one, it would be one of the worst embarrassments at the time. This I find moronic though because cultures in ancient Sparta and Greece such as the Thebans use to embrace homosexuality as a normal act, and they also thought it made their soldiers fight harder to impress their
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