Persuasive Essay On The War On Drugs

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I am a student at Western Wisconsin Technical College and a grateful recovering drug addict. I think it is safe to say that the current “war on drugs,” is being lost. I do however believe that winning this war is not an impossible task, and with the right approach taken it can be won. With such a large increase in the number of people struggling with substance abuse issues, it’s no wonder we are seeing such a dramatic increase in the crime rate nationwide; therefor overcrowding of jail/prisons. The method of incarcerating drug addicts, for drug offenses or low level crimes, has proven to be ineffective. We need to open our minds and work together as a society to address addiction for what it is-a disease, that needs to be treated.
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Deborah Becker-journalist for WBUR news points out that many people are calling this, the Angel Program. Gloucester police Chief Leonard Campanello, started the program designed to give addicts the opportunity to receive treatment with no threat of criminal charges. Addicts are able to walk into the police department and give up their drugs, they are then assigned to a ‘angel person,’ who then escorts them to the nearest hospital where they are then fast-tracked into treatment. I believe La Crosse county would benefit significantly from a program similar to the Angel Program. In addition to offering treatment to walk-in addicts, there should be treatment offered to low level criminal offenses-committed by drug users. The charges could be thrown out, if the person completes…show more content…
They have also forgotten how to be a responsible productive member or society. I have seen time and time again (including my own personal experience), where addicts get released from treatment -with all the right intentions, then they find themselves back on the streets, with know where to go. Found in the WWTC database, Jill Kirschenbawn, author of “Quality of Mercy,” writes about one man’s successful recovery from drugs with the help of harm reduction services. Jill states how important it is to “stabilize the drug users’ lives so they can get the services they need when they need them, from housing and health care to counseling and, if and when they are ready, detoxification. In the most basic terms, harm reduction means reducing HIV infection and other diseases, dealing with mental illness and preventing homelessness.” Our community needs more safe houses for addicts to go to after being released from treatment/jails. Proper housing is extremely important in order for someone in recovery to be successful. Having somewhere addicts can voluntarily walk into to get help and off the streets is something we lack in this county. I know the Lacrosse Justice Support Services offer many great programs already which is why I am reaching out to you, to see if there is something more that can be

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