Persuasive Essay On The Use Of Deodorant

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When we think about beauty, we don’t necessarily think about our armpits, that hollow under the arm at our shoulder, a place we consider as unpleasant. Our under arms are ignored in our beauty therapy and left often times to darken. For many, applying deodorants and shaving is all there is to caring for this sensitive part of our body. Every girl including me, loves her strapless gowns and spaghetti, but sometimes our armpits and dark underarms stop us from wearing it. Imagine the smooth elegant look of pageants and foreign celebrities, or better still, those models that advertise deodorants, if wishes were horses really. Do you know that your armpits or underarms are no longer as beautiful as they can be as a result of shaving, hair removal creams, excess sweating? Also, the accumulation of dead skin, friction,…show more content…
Our armpits are the most sensitive area of our body and recognizing this very important fact would allow us give them more opportunities to relax. Applying deodorant to the skin after shaving can be very irritating, wait for at least ten minutes for your skin to relax before putting on your deodorant or just shave before going to bed as this would allow your skin to rest overnight. • Wash your armpits: This goes without saying probably comes after flossing one’s teeth. Bacteria are very likely to grow in unwashed armpit hair and can surely cause the armpit to stink. • Shaving your armpit hair: This is a cultural or religious argument, for some, caring for the armpit does not include shaving the pit hair, for others it is mandatory. Armpit hair grows during puberty and is the first sign of maturity, it also help to signals sex because it transmits the scents needed for mating. Yet, a lot of people are grossed about exposing their unshaved armpits hair to the public as it triggers disgust when sighted in Nigeria women to be precise, those gym rats actually leave it unshaved

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